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Biomedical Engineering student with a strong passion for technology and healthcare innovation, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit to shape the future of medical advancements.

About me

Hello, I'm Grant, a Biomedical Engineering student studying at the University of Strathclyde. My education is fueled by a passion for healthcare innovation and a global perspective. Alongside my studies, I run a tutoring business, blending my love for teaching with entrepreneurial skills. This experience enhances my understanding of diverse healthcare challenges and educational needs. I'm excited to contribute to the biomedical field, leveraging my international insights and educational background to make a meaningful impact.

My Skills


Proficient in programming with a strong emphasis on C and Python, demonstrating advanced skills in developing efficient algorithms and automation scripts,. Experienced in LaTeX for professional documentation and report writing, coupled with practical knowledge in Matlab for data analysis and numerical simulation.

Self-taught understanding of x86 assembly language, showcasing a deep comprehension of low-level programming and system architecture, in order to have better control over computer hardware.

Skilled in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) using Solidworks, with a proven track record in designing complex mechanical components and systems. This includes experience in creating detailed 3D models, assemblies, and technical drawings.


Proven problem-solver with a track record of identifying and addressing complex engineering challenges. Adept at analytical thinking and innovative solution development, with a history of improving processes and designs.


Team-oriented engineer with a history of successful collaboration on multi-disciplinary projects. Recognized for adaptability and cooperative spirit in group settings. Skilled at integrating diverse viewpoints to achieve project goals


Effective communicator, capable of presenting complex engineering concepts in clear, understandable terms to diverse audiences. Proficient in both verbal and written communication, with experience in [writing technical reports/delivering presentations]. Collaborates effectively with cross-functional teams.

Work Experience


MCCLURE TUTORING / Sep 2020 - Present

As a self-employed Math and Physics tutor, I am deeply committed to helping students excel academically. My tutoring approach goes beyond merely teaching subjects; it focuses on building their confidence, honing their problem-solving skills, and instilling a genuine love for learning. With extensive experience in managing my own small tutoring business, I bring professionalism, effective communication, and a strong sense of responsibility to every session. My track record of improving student grades and fostering a deep understanding of complex concepts is reinforced by testimonials from satisfied students and parents. I am eager to bring my expertise and passion to a new opportunity where I can continue to make a positive impact on students' educational journeys and contribute to their success.


Post Office UK/ Nov 2022 - Present

In my role at the Post Office UK since November 2022, I've been responsible for processing mail, conducting significant bank transactions, facilitating foreign currency exchange, and meticulously verifying and processing passports before submission to the passport office. My work entails precision in mail handling, financial acumen during banking activities, and ensuring customers' currency needs are met promptly. Additionally, I play a critical role in safeguarding the passport application process by carefully scrutinizing documentation. These responsibilities have allowed me to develop strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service while contributing to the efficient functioning of the storefront



Earned in 2021 from Dassault Systèmes, showcasing proficiency in SolidWorks software for 3D design and modeling

Dassault Systèmes / 2021



Recognized for exceptional academic excellence and outstanding contributions to the university community through consistent top-tier performance, dedication, and leadership.

University of Strathclyde /2022 & 2023



University of Strathclyde / 2021 - Ongoing
During my tenure at the University of Strathclyde, my academic journey has encompassed a diverse range of engineering disciplines. I've delved into the intricate world of electronic circuits, exploring their underlying principles and honing my skills in designing both digital and analog circuits. I've taken on the challenge of crafting Mealy and Moore machines from the ground up, gaining a deep understanding of their workings. Additionally, I've immersed myself in the realms of Solidworks CAD and CAM technology, delving into the intricacies of Cell Biology, programming in many languages, and tackling the complexities of numerical analysis and differential equation solving. Beyond academics, I've actively engaged with the university community, participating in the Snowsports society and serving as a dedicated course representative throughout my academic journey.


McMaster University/ 2023-2024

During my exchange at McMaster University, I immersed myself in a dynamic academic environment, focusing on Immunology, Biomedical Instrumentation, and Programming in C. This experience was enriched by hands-on projects in the electronics lab, where I contributed to the creation of innovative medical devices such as EOG, ECG, and EEG machines. These projects honed my practical skills and deepened my understanding of biomedical engineering. Additionally, I engaged in complex programming projects, developing genetic algorithms and neural networks from scratch in C, which challenged me to think critically and creatively, socially I was a member of McMaster Universities' quiz team where I competed in a University Challenge like tournament at the University of Toronto. Beyond academics, this exchange offered me a wealth of cultural experiences, allowing me to engage with diverse perspectives and collaborate with students and faculty from various backgrounds. This blend of rigorous academics and rich cultural exchange at McMaster University has been instrumental in shaping my professional and personal growth.


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